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{January 21, 2011}   Speak Your Vishuddha

Folks, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post this but, besides being busy, this subject is a hard one for me. I would say most of my life I have not spoken, or spoken up. I would get angry, and explode, and hurt people from exploding, which is bad… Or I would communicate through writing which I was excellent at that. Otherwise, I would literally be seen and not heard. If it wasn’t for Nia I would still be very silent and reclusive. Keep to myself, terrified of getting up in front of people and talking and always watching and listening to other people’s drama. Afraid if I did speak up, people would think, god she is stupid. Or they would laugh, people always would laugh at me and I felt pretty much like an inarticulate idiot. Now there are many sides to this: 1- You learn a lot. 2- You can really be taken advantage of. 3- It’s hard to connect to people when you are like that. 4- Shutting down during conflicts. 5-Suffering from regret. I wish I would have said that, I wish I would have spoke up for myself.

I am convinced that I developed hypothyroidism, because I didn’t speak for nearly 3.5 decades. I bottled up my emotions. I became short tempered, because I suffered from misplaced anger. Went off on a hitch. So, now I have hypothyroidism, I am over weight, chronic fatigue, etc. etc. whatever comes with that chronic disease. Now, I’m still working through my voice and Nia has been such a Godsend for me. Before, I was terrorized to get up in front of people and talk, not anymore.

Now, as far as one-on-one I’m still working on that type of engagement. I am still cleansing, but I am discovering so much and well, here is what I learned:

What Creates an Unhealthy Vishuddha
The way your family communicates affects this chakra. Now, think about this one.

  • Did you come from a family that says, I child should be seen and not heard?
  • Or perhaps you came from parents who didn’t know how to resolve their issues and were quiet. Think about that.
  • Were you one of these kids that weren’t spoken to?
  • Was there a lot of screaming in your home? Perhaps you shut down because of this.
  • Were you allowed to speak your truth?
  • Empty promises, did your parents make a promise to you or even empty threats and didn’t come through with them. Parents constantly lying to you create an unhealthy throat chakra. Did you learn to lie because of these empty promises?
  • Do you feel that you must protect yourself by lying? Constantly lying to the point that all lies have become truths for you.
  • Did people listen to you? If not, perhaps you didn’t see the point in speaking.
  • Were there long periods of time where your parents would not speak to you?
  • Did your family resolve their issues through communication?
  • The list can go on and on. Please share.

The list goes on and on, check out “The Chakra System, A Complete Course in Self-Diagnosis and Healing” to go deeper. By Anodea Judith. A fantastic course where she breaks down the chakras, what causes excessive or deficient chakra, mental dis-ease and health dis-ease, blockages, the psychology behind each chakra that affects us, plus ways to heal them.

Healing the Vishuddha with Your Nia Practice
This is how I have been going about healing my Vishuddha. First and foremost you must heal old wounds, the wounds in your old chakras. See my other chakra blogs:
Practicing sounding is a great way to open and heal this chakra. Once again, using your 3rd Chakra, the Will – Manipura to motivate yourself to sound during class. Now, some people are afraid to use voice because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. Folks, you are the only one going to die on your deathbed, so by all means, do everything you possibly can to find your way into heaven. Live your life! Find your resolve! Find your pleasure!
So, perhaps at the beginning of class, you are extending your arms up above you taking a deep breath in and on the exhale (while lowering arms) you let go by sighing the word “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” What a great way to step in by letting go with voice.

  • Resonate sounds during class – Ohhh, Ahhh, Sooooo, Ommm or even the Mantra for the Vishuddha “Ham” during class would help heal the throat chakra. Listen to the music, connect to it, sound with it. If a Nia instructor initiates sound that gives you permission to voice yourself.
  • Try singing during some of your favorite songs.
  • Working with Emotions:

  • During routines you could add emotion to that routine and scream “Haaaaaa! Or Yeahhh!” During punches, Strikes like Elbow strikes, and kicks!
  • During touches, you can express joy, like “ahhhh, or ohhh” using emotions to bring out the movement and sound.
  • During shimmys’ express excitement with a “Whoaaaah!”
  • Speak your truth, dare intimacy!
  • If you are a Nia Instructor – have students engage each other through routines. I have gotten to the point where I have students greet each other like butterflies greeting each other or butterflies greeting a beautiful flower. Then engage each other by saying hello to each other.
  • During Cool Downs:

    • Sounding with neck rolls.
    • Incorporate massaging your neck and jaw during floorplay.
    • More sighs and ahhhs as you cool down. If you cannot start with voice, start it with inner voice.
    • Work with healing colors like the color blue which is the throat chakra’s color.

    Chanting During Nia

    – “Ham” is the mantra for Vishuddha. During Nia class or you feel compelled to, chant “Ham” vocally or mentally.

    A very excellent site on mantras and how to use them is right here:



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